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Personal Style Inspiration: What inspires me the most about style is “experimentation and innovation." Not putting style in the box.

Style Icons: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Virgil Abloh, Aleali May, Issa Rae, Pharrell Williams

Favorite Designers: Alexander Wang, Candice Held, Cristobal Balenciaga, Oscar de la Renta, Jean Paul Gaultier

Favorite item in my closet: Make Art Not War Obey Jacket

Favorite Fashion Splurge: Accessories! Especially jewelry and clutches. I hunt for statement pieces in this category.

Current obsessions at the boutique: Amanda Silk Scarf Tunic AMA 245. The "Desert Birds II" artwork is unmatched and the Abstract Geo colors are gorgeous. Will make anyone feel luxurious. The Amanda design alone is genius!

What I love about living in Palm Springs: The community and history. The community is very welcoming and inclusive. I always feel a sense of positivity everywhere I go. There is so much history from the architecture to the lands. Being a creative individual I find myself being inspired by something new every single day.

Advice for building a wardrobe: Invest in quality not quantity.

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Personal Style Inspiration: My personal style is inspired by all things vintage. I love to mix and match eras from mid century through the 90’s, and typically go for a laid back / prep school vibe. 

Favorite Designers: My all time favorite designer is Bonnie Cashin who is known for many things but is most often referred to as the mother of sportswear. 

Favorite item in my closet: My favorite item in my closet by far is my 70’s Coach Courier leather handbag - the original Tabby. Paired with suede booties and Candice’s ‘Amanda’ tunic, it’s just too perfect *chef's kiss*!

Favorite Fashion Splurge: My favorite fashion splurge is a pair of vintage high-waist cutoff denim shorts that have a rose floral pattern. I love the thrill of the hunt when it comes to thrifting vintage, but when I found these at a local boutique I had to splurge! 

Current obsessions at the boutique: The abstract geometric Raquel halter. It is reversible with two separate color palettes which makes it super versatile. Candice makes it difficult to not to feel like a million bucks in her silks! 

What I love about living in Palm Springs: The never ending desert landscape views and the countless outdoor activities (especially rock climbing!) in town and surrounding areas. 

Advice for building a wardrobe: My advice for building a wardrobe would be to fearlessly mix prints and eras, accessorize to your heart’s desire, and do what makes you feel the most fabulous. Cashin said it best, “Consider yourself a character, and dress the part!”

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Personal Style Inspiration: Film noir, Emmanuelle Alt, Bond girls, Slim Aarons photography

Favorite Designers: Yves Saint Laurent (Le Smoking!), vintage Elsa Schiaparelli, and ever since Farrah Fawcett’s red swimsuit, Norma Kamali

Favorite item in my closet: The sexy Candice Held Mod Angles Amanda Tunic 

Favorite Fashion Splurge: A pair of Salvatore Ferragamo black pumps that felt very Audrey Hepburn circa 1960. I had them for many many years, resoled twice, literally wore them to death.

Current obsessions at the boutique: The “Movie Colony” Paloma bolero to wear with everything, all of the Patti halters, the Peony Snake Wrap for those cool desert nights, and the ultra-rare “rose fade” vintage YSL sunglasses

What I love about living in Palm Springs: The mountain views, magnificent sunsets, and overall relaxed easy-going vibe.

Advice for building a wardrobe: Invest in pieces that make you feel beautiful, and definitely quality over quantity.

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